4 Types Of Shapewear You Need To Add Your Closet, Right Now!


In a world filled with the Kardashians and bodycon dresses taking center-stage, flaunting your curves while hiding that extra bulge can be a nightmare for most of us ladies. However, with corsets making a comeback and revamping itself into a modern-generation Shapewear, we couldn’t be happier. With celebrities swearing by them, these highly functional pieces are going to be your best kept secret. From targeting your problem areas to making love handles a thing of the past, these Shapewears will change almost everything you believe about clothing. Now, if you’re wondering which of these pieces will nail your problem area…More

Say Hello to The World’s Most Comfortable Bra!


If keeping up with the latest trends can be too much to ask for, are you making sure that your lingerie wardrobe gives you the comfort you deserve? Let’s be honest, on most days don’t you wish you could be at your comfiest best even when you meet that friend for a coffee date, or during that big presentation or even while travelling? While you go about completing your long to-do lists or just about having some quality me time or fun, the question is are you doing all that comfortably? If the answer is no or even a maybe,…More

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