Hey fabulous ladies – keep the love coming!


Hello you fabulous ladies! We started the journey of “Being Fabulous” 14 years back, and it’s been an amazing one. In every little thing we do, we look to give you more reasons to cherish your being. We stand for you women, who are self-assured and inspired, the ladies who light up any place they go to by their mere presence – just being fabulous as they are. And there’s so much sharing, discussing and gossiping to do! So voila – welcome to Love, Enamor!

“We’ve had a very special year! We’ve received an amazing response to the Parisian, Tahiti and Cannes Collections and are looking forward to an exciting Bridal season!” to add to our joy, we were conferred as Superbrand 2014-2015. The Superbrand award is given basis consumer opinion on which brand is the best in their class in terms of quality and service. An esteemed panel of consumers and brand experts evaluate a shortlist of 2000 different brands from various categories to pick 70 winners.The status of Superbrand is the expression of ultimate trust and confidence by consumers – and we are over the moon about being picked!

There is absolutely no doubt that this accolade is all thanks to you fabulous fans. Your messages, tweets, feedback and continued faith and support pushes us to make you feel fabulous, and this beautiful relationship is why we were conferred the amazing status of Superbrand.

Lingerie is the most intimate expression of oneself. That’s why we make sure the comfort and quality of our innerwear resonate with your innate vibe of being fabulous as you are! We’d like you to treasure every little thing about you and that begins on the inside! We’ll let you in on all the latest trends and designs, dos and don’ts and all things that will keep your fabulous smile on smili

P.S.While we are thrilled about becoming Superbrand 2014-2015, the best part of last month was to have actually received more than a thousand love notes! Thank you so much!




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