Lingerie Love for your fabulous lady


Valentine’s Day comes and goes, but you can keep the love going through the year! Want to gift your fabulous lady more than chocolates, flowers and a romantic date? How about some gorgeous, stylish lingerie – an intimate gift that shows her you really know her 😉 Worried about getting it right? We, at Enamor, can make the process easy for you!

Let’s start with brawear. Here are a few terms you need to understand so you don’t draw a blank when the lady at the lingerie store starts rattling off your options.


For the uninitiated, here’s what you need to look for when figuring out her size


Moving on to the world of panties, here are the basic types of underwear that may interest your lady.


If you think your gifts are super sexy, don’t worry. We have a way to balance it out – keep watching for our next post!

So go on and do your basic research. Find her size, check out these options – – and plan your grand reveal! We’ll be back with a few life-hacks to assist you further!

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