Say Hello to The World’s Most Comfortable Bra!


If keeping up with the latest trends can be too much to ask for, are you making sure that your lingerie wardrobe gives you the comfort you deserve? Let’s be honest, on most days don’t you wish you could be at your comfiest best even when you meet that friend for a coffee date, or during that big presentation or even while travelling? While you go about completing your long to-do lists or just about having some quality me time or fun, the question is are you doing all that comfortably?

If the answer is no or even a maybe, we hear you and we have some fabulous news for you, ladies! Introduce your wardrobe to the most comfortable bra that is made with the world’s finest cotton – Supima cotton. Enamor has launched the Supima collection that brings to you the craftsmanship of the world’s finest cottons that is American grown, for a luxurious softness coupled with exceptional quality. We perfected the design, Supima made it softer, more durable with longer colour retention and better quality.

Read on to learn the basics, get the inside scoop, and other interesting tidbits about this premium, luxurious cotton and why the time to get your hands on them is, NOW!

  • Supima fibres are longer, stronger and finer – which means exceptional quality and a host of other benefits!
    Because of it’s extra long fibre, strength and fineness, Supima makes for a fabric that has a silky feel, luxurious lustre and the tendency to be softer with each successive wash.
  • Did we mention that Supima cotton is famous for its unmatched softness?
    You read that right! Supima fabrics are softer, finer and more lightweight than its other cotton counterparts and therefore our love for Supima knows no limits. So, say hello to snug and cozy days and goodbye to unease!
  • Durable fabric and the name says it all!
    Supima literally means premium as it is derived from the word ‘pima’ which means superior. It continues and takes forward the American tradition of quality, reliability, and value. Due to these very reasons, Supima is among the most luxurious and sought after cotton varieties in the world.
  • Stays true to its colours with longer colour retention.
    Since Supima’s fibres absorb dye with long lasting penetration, the result is that this cotton retains colour better than regular cottons. Keeping this in mind, our collection boasts of colourful hues and fabulous fits that you can explore here:

We have the fabulous collection of SUPIMA cotton bras that are ultra soft and comfortable and embraces your curves perfectly. With colours that make them stylish, comfort comes at a price that is sure to suit your wallet. For more updates on the latest collections and additions, stay tune to our page for more to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything fabulous!

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