To Fabulous Brides-to-be!


Is it time for shehnai to take over your world? Are the most exciting-yet-overwhelming days of your life coming soon? Enamor wishes you brides-to-be a fabulous and memorable time!

Amidst all the shopping, organizing, fitting and tasting sessions – may we ask you to keep one thing in mind? Pay attention to what will be underneath your clothes on your big day ladies! Apart from the special sacred rituals, the day also involves long of photo shoots and greeting your guests. Every bride dreams of looking her best on her wedding day– and the right lingerie does wonders so the glow comes from within!

Here are 3 simple things to keep in mind while choosing your bridal lingerie:

What kind of clothes are you wearing?
Your saree/lehenga blouse – the neck line, etc. need to be kept in mind for your lingerie. If you’re wearing a dress for a cocktail party, seam-free underwear would ensure a smooth silhouette!

We advise that you do a trial session for your clothes with the lingerie you intend to wear for the day. This way you can catch the loose/bulging straps, uncomfortable lining, etc. early on! One initial trial and one closer to the wedding always helps to be sure!

When is the wedding?
While you select your clothes keeping in mind the timing of your wedding, you can choose your lingerie basis this too! If it’s a day wedding, pastel shades and lighter material would keep you more comfortable.

• You don’t need to compromise on comfort to be sensual! The most common mistake one makes is to overlook the comfort of material and it’s fitting if it ‘looks’ sexy. Ladies, let’s not wear anything that doesn’t make you FEEL like a queen!

We have the perfect collection of lingerie – in amazing colours and fabrics-for your special day! Check them out here – Stay tuned to the blog for more details on our latest colletions! We hope to be one of the many things that will make your wedding day unforgettable!

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