Our Fabulous Brides Collection is a must-have for your trousseau. It's just that little bit of fabulous that every bride needs,to look her fabulous self.


Dream weddings are made up of three key milestones – the jittery countdown to the wedding and the big day, the blissfully just married time, and the life happily ever after. While we’re sure you have your ensembles and dresses on point, Enamor makes sure your lingerie game is just as fabulous.

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Lingerie Vows

When it comes to a fabulous lingerie shopping experience for your special day, there's more to it than just finding the perfect fit and style. We decode some tips and tricks you need to abide by.

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Types of Brides

When it's time to walk down the aisle, what kind of style will you be rocking? Answer some simple questions to find out.

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Trousseau Must-Haves

Your Trousseau is incomplete without
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