Athleisure – A Blessing to the Busy Bride

There’s a new trend that’s taken over the world of fashion. One that could perhaps make your life a little less complicated.

During wedding preps, you probably will find that there’s never enough time to get the workout you need. Co-ordination takes up most of your time. Enter, Athleisure. These are apparel that are designed for yoga but are functional and stylish enough to wear to meetings to outfit trials and everything in between. Confused? Let us tell you how to work it.

Outfit Trials.
Wrap up your Pilates class and make that outfit fitting without dealing with an unnecessary change in between. This combination of funky and chic is perfect to get in and out of for your outfit trials with minimum fuss. It also keeps you comfortable for those long talks with your designer.

Coffee Date With Your Fiance?
Throw on this gorgeous shrug and transform that yoga outfit to the perfect coffee date ensemble. You’ll be ready before you can say Espresso Americano.

Wedding Planning Over Brunch? Getting Ready is No Jam
You’ll never have to choose between your morning cardio session and a brunch meeting. Look your best in this athleisure tee. No one will guess you were burning those calories by the time you hit the brunch scene!

This new trend really is a gift from the style gods. It’s affordable, can be worn almost anywhere and the best part is, it saves time. We all know that every bride is fighting against time when it comes to planning her perfect wedding. The universe is offering something to help you with that. Accept it!

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