Five checkpoints

A common mistake most ladies make, is spending on a bra that is neither flattering nor comfortable, in other words – ill-fitting. Discomfort aside, a bra that doesn’t fit right can be spotted from a mile away and can steal the glam off your ensemble. So, your bridal ensemble, the one you spent months planning, could be ruined, all because you’re not wearing the right bra underneath!

But fret not, Enamor has you covered. Here’s a 5-point checklist to help you avoid this disaster. Keep these in mind and you’ll be all set for your big day.

  1. A Snug Underband.
    The underband is the circular bit of fabric that goes around your entire body and forms the base of your cups. It’s imperative that the fit is snug and firm but not suffocating. If you can fit two fingers under that band, you know you’ve cleared the first checkpoint.

  2. Comfy Straps
    The straps are there for support. They shouldn’t be digging into your shoulders, leaving you with marks nor should they be falling off your shoulder every second minute. They should snap right into place keeping you comfortable.

  3. The Centre And Chest Work in Tandem
    The centre front is the spot between the cups of your bra. The perfect fitting bra will have this portion rest flat up against your chest. If it’s hanging like a little pocket, you need another size!

  4. Keep Those Cups Full
    Your entire bust should be contained within those cups. No peekaboo. No air pockets. It should be a snug fit for you to know that you’ve picked the right size. Comfort needs to be stressed again over here. There should be nothing cutting into your skin or leave enough room for discomfort. This kind of fit is the last thing you want on the day you have to smile for hours!

  5. That Wire Goes Around
    The underwire is where most ladies get confused. This little feature can be your best friend or your worst enemy if your fit isn’t right. Always remember, the underwire needs to be around the bust. There should be no instance where your underwire is sitting on your bust. You’re dealing with a size too tight if that’s the case.
    Similarly, the wire should be sitting against your body and not away from it. You’ve got a size too big if the underwire is not propped up against you.

So, there you go! Keep these five pointers in mind and you are guaranteed to get yourself a fabulous fit on any day, let alone your wedding day.