Full, Fabulous and For those who love to rock those curves!

The age of curves is finally here. Stop stressing about hiding them. It’s time to flaunt them and look fab doing it!

Remember the times, when you’ve all but drooled over that fetching bra but when you checked to see if your size was available, and it never was. Well, it’s time you stopped settling. Pick what you’re drooling over because bras are here in cup sizes up to DD. There’s no reason why a buxom bride, should be stuck with boring cotton bras on her wedding day. With chic styles like these, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice.

Another guilty pleasure to start splurging on are babydolls. These gorgeous pieces are no longer made just for a size 0. The wide-bodied torso gives you the comfort you need with just the right amount of sass. And you can always play around with colour to add a soft or bold touch depending on your mood. Give your body the sensual pampering it deserves with these glam styles that are now available in sizes up to XL!

An all-time favourite is shapewear for the full figured. All those bridal designs you rejected because you thought you couldn’t pull them off, think again! With shapewear like this, there’s no stopping you from wearing what you want. These lifesavers smoothen out your curves making them irresistible. So, ditch the doubt and bring on the confidence, with a little help from the right lingerie.

Girl, when you’ve got the confident curves, make them count with these bras, babydolls and shapewear. Choose the lingerie that embraces you. The choice is yours.

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