Getting Real with Shapewear

Shapewear, although part of the lingerie world, has never really been understood. The myths surrounding these life-savers are vast and varied, making women skeptical about indulging in them. So let’s get started with debunking some of these archaic thoughts. There’s no reason why anyone should miss out on the benefits that these miracle workers bring to the table.

  1. The most effective shapewear are the ones that are a size smaller than your actual size.
    Err.. NO! Like with any kind of lingerie, it’s important you find the perfect size for your shapewear to feel right on you. If you pick a size too small, you’ll find that the fabric will start rolling, causing folds under your outfit. Also, a size too small can put unnecessary pressure on your body, especially if worn for a long period of time. Long story short. Do not pick a size smaller than what feels comfortable on you.
  2. Shapewear is in no way sexy. It’s something my grandma would wear.
    Again incorrect. Gone are the days where you had to deal with unnecessary hooks and long strips that needed to be laced up by someone else. Like with everything else, shapewear has evolved. We’re now looking at uber comfortable pieces with lightweight fabric that are a dream to put on. Some pieces even go seamless to ensure they’re discreet under whatever you choose to wear. Shapewear is not what it used to be, so get with the times!
  3. Only fuller bodied women use shapewear.
    Na-ah. Shapewear is used to enhance any body type. It smoothes out your curves to give your silhouette a better shape. So get the idea of “size” out of your head because what it helps with are the problematic areas. For example, if you need help smoothening out those love handles or slimming down your thighs, shapewear is the way to go. And if you need help believing this, look up how many of your favourite celebrities use them to complement their outfits. You’ll be surprised.
  4. Who needs diet and exercise? There’s shapewear.
    This could not be further than the truth. If you want a toned body, you got to work for it. Shapewear can help enhance your physique but if you want that bikini bod, head to your gym and start with those reps. Then bring in the shapewear for finishing touches.

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