Hey Bridesmaids, Here are the Top Bridal Gifting Secrets!

Dinner sets, bed linen and gift cards; the most common (read boring) wedding presents. Picture this. A newly married couple who have the best few days of their life just behind them. They’re super stoked to start a new chapter and the first thing they want to get done, post the madness, is open up their wedding presents. Exciting right? No! Not when what’s waiting for them behind that wrapping paper is crockery or more paper!

It’s about time wedding gifting got a bit of a face lift. You don’t want your best friend and her husband starting the rest of their lives together feeling drab and boring, do you? You want to help them keep the magic alive and the right wedding present can do just that.

Help her get honeymoon ready with an elegant lingerie set in the colour that suits her best and voila! You’ve got a present for the bride and groom. Better yet, choose a ravishing piece of nightwear that will help them both sleep better at night!

Everyone knows, a bride has a million things going on and not enough time to get it done. Something as obvious as a lingerie upgrade is very likely to get overlooked amidst the chaos. Rather than starting her married life off with cookware, why not start her off feeling sassy and fabulous. Guaranteed you’ll be promoted to the new best friend for doing so. Check out our article on must-have lingerie to help you figure out the best gift a bridesmaid can give her BFF.

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