Laced with Fabulousness

Let’s just say it, lace is a beautiful, feminine fabric. It is delicate, sophisticated and can be used to create the most exquisite things in fashion. Think lace sarees, lace camisoles, lace dresses. You just cannot go wrong!

Most of us swear by lace bras. With the invention of these beauties, we finally found a reason to flaunt hints of our lingerie. And it’s only gotten better with time. You can now choose from different necklines, colours, styles without keeping your choice a secret.

Here are a few ways to flaunt your lace fabulously.

Go Sheer
How many times have you picked up a top, held it up to the light and wondered what do I wear under this? Here’s your answer. Pair those sheer tops with a patterned lace bra. Something that you want to flaunt. A hint of your glamorous bra will give your outfit the subtle sass it deserves.

Go Low
Bring on those low-back or even backless numbers. You no longer have to worry about silicone cups falling off or those uncomfortable strapless bras. With the right colour, you can flaunt the back strap of your lace bra and make your whole look flawless. This is the magic of lace!

Go Off-Shoulder
You don’t need to shy away from strapless dresses, not when you have these gorgeous strapless bras for support. These beauties come with detachable straps that can transform them from a halter to a criss-cross back to a lace strapless bra. They come with moulded cups and a silicone elastic to ensure you’re at your maximum comfort. Start flaunting those shoulders, you have no reason not to!

All it takes is a little creativity to match these options to the right outfit. If you’ve got a special something coming up, say a honeymoon or a holiday, step out of your comfort zone with your choices. Cotton although very comfortable doesn’t give you the added zing that lace does. So, pick smart, and pick stylish and always feel fabulous!

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