Lingerie - no longer a wedding day woe

Today’s brides spend a considerable amount of time planning her wedding. Details like the venue, colour schemes, flowers, lights and to top them all off, the wedding ensemble. Most brides start planning their wedding look in the year leading up to the main event. But in this rush of looking good on the outside, feeling great on the inside is often overlooked.

When planning your wedding lingerie, the biggest question is what should be a priority, feeling comfortable or feeling sensual? We think it’s most important to feel fabulous!

To complete your ensemble, it is important that you pick comfortable lingerie but here’s the kicker - it needn’t be monotone or boring. You can get your dose of comfort in luxurious laces, silky satins or premium cotton. All of this spread across a wide palette of colours ranging from subdued golds to bold scarlets and sweet violets.

Speaking of bold scarlets, a favourite for weddings is fiery red which is usually used generously for the bridal lehenga. The colour is vibrant and makes the bride a radiant show-stopper.

But why stop there? To feel 100% confident, inside and out, opt for this sleek satin co-ordinated set. The fabric keeps you feeling comfortable while the delicate lace detailing tops off your fabulous quotient. And say you’ve opted for a more stylish neckline, one that doesn’t allow for the traditional straps, have no fear, the straps are detachable! This style is available in various colours for you to choose from!

So, the real question is, why do you feel like you need to choose between comfort and style? It’s your wedding day, feel fabulous and make it look effortless with the right lingerie choices.

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