Lingerie Vows

The Perfect Match

The perfect pairing of lingerie to your bridal attire will have you feeling confident and fabulous on one of the most memorable days of your life. The age-old question however, is how does one get that perfect match?

Laced with Fabulousness

Let’s just say it, lace is a beautiful, feminine fabric. It is delicate, sophisticated and can be used to create the most exquisite things in fashion. Think lace sarees, lace camisoles, lace dresses.

Getting Real with Shapewear

Shapewear, although part of the lingerie world, has never really been understood. The myths surrounding these life-savers are vast and varied, making women skeptical about indulging in them.

Five checkpoints

A common mistake most ladies make, is spending on a bra that is neither flattering nor comfortable, in other words – ill-fitting. Discomfort aside, a bra that doesn’t fit right can be spotted from a mile away and can steal the glam off your ensemble.

Meet your Perfect Match

No…we don’t mean we got someone better than your husband, but we do have something that’s perhaps just as important! Before you get to the fun part of lingerie shopping.

Some TLC for your Fabulous BFF

Tender loving care for your lingerie. That’s what your fabulous lingerie needs. You’ve spent weeks agonising over the right choice for your wedding day