Some TLC for your Fabulous BFF

Tender loving care for your lingerie. That’s what your fabulous lingerie needs. You’ve spent weeks agonising over the right choice for your wedding day, don’t you want to enjoy the picks you’ve made well past the ceremonies? With the right care, there’s no reason why you can’t.

Being gentle is the key. Although it might be easier to throw your delicates in for a quick spin in the washing machine, hand washes suit them better. If you don’t have a choice and opt for a machine wash, make sure you put them through a gentle cycle.

If you’re combining your lingerie with the rest of your laundry, be sure to hook your bras before they go in. You’ll avoid the nightmare of a tangled mess which can lead to breaking hooks and loosening out of straps. Also invest in some lingerie bags. These genius inventions protect your lingerie during the machine wash, keeping them in their best condition for a longer period of time.

Now let’s come to the big ‘No-Nos’. No ironing. No bleaching. No wringing especially if the bra is wired or padded. Stay clear of these 3. The last thing you want is a faded, shapeless bra that had one good day in its lifetime.

Also, tough as it might seem (!), it’s important to keep in mind is that bras are not for life. Aim to part ways after 6 - 8 months of the first use. It’s tough to say goodbye but stay strong, it’s for the best.

Got a destination wedding planned? While you may not have your lingerie drawer within reach, packing with intelligence can surely help. Firstly, pick the essential bras and then if space allows, add some extras. Secondly, while packing your bras, fold the cups into one another, and tuck the straps in them. Pile them into each other and place them in ziplock covers to save space and the shape of your bras. For panties, just roll them up and place them in ziplock covers.

With the right attention, your wedding selections can see you through your honeymoon and well into the first year of your happily ever after. Just remember, to treat them with care.