The Perfect Match

The perfect pairing of lingerie to your bridal attire will have you feeling confident and fabulous on one of the most memorable days of your life. The age-old question however, is how does one get that perfect match?

There are a few key elements to take into consideration.

  • Colour
  • Style
  • Fabric
  • Support (cause we all need a little help once in a while).

You cannot pick your lingerie without your bridal outfit and vice versa, the two go hand-in-hand.

Colour used to be simple. There were three prominent colours to choose from black, white and nude. With the evolution of fashion, we’re now lucky to choose from a plethora of shades. Gratitude be given to the fashion gods above. Thanks to them we no longer need to worry about having a tacky white being spotted through our blouses.

Pick a colour that either matches or complements your outfit. If you’re toying with the idea of a summery yellow off-shoulder dress for your mehendi brunch and you’d prefer straps rather than a strapless bra. Don’t shy away from this red padded style. You’ll find that the flash of red straps adds a little spunk to your look.

Sticking with a summer day wedding? Here’s how we would pick the right style and fabric.

  • No satin. Although they look and feel divine, they’re more suited for cooler evenings
  • Go soft. Toy with lace or cotton and prioritize your comfort.
  • Go light. Unless absolutely necessary, do away with extra padding and wires.

Whatever the fabric, there is no reason to cut corners on style. A sleek thong or seamless panties can get rid of those cumbersome panty lines or go high on the waist if your lehenga skirt sorts out the problem for you. Similarly, detachable straps or multi-way bras are a great way to help customize any bra to your choice of neckline. So, go a little crazy and experiment with those styles!

The final element to help you with your choice is the kind of support you need. Don’t bother yourself with cumbersome wires if you can get the shape you want with the right padding and gel cups. Ditch the thong if your saree allows for a high waist panty. Use the support only when you need it. Keep this in mind and you’ll be able to narrow down your choices easily.

Above all else, pick what feels right for you. Give your lingerie the same attention to detail you would give to your lehenga, saree or gown because feeling fabulous starts from within.

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